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The entire structure of this calculator is based on the "general" way to calculate the age of a person from his/her birthday.This age calculator is created on the basis of the most normal age system, with the goal that it remains significant for the greater part of the general population.

How can I calculate my age?

To calculate the exact age of a person, you want to calculate the difference between the current date and the birth date.

how to calculate age manually?

Your age now is the age you became at your last birthday. Since that might have been either last year or this year, we have to calculate using the year of that birthday, rather than the year we're in now.

You can do it like this.

  • What year were you born? 2000.
  • What is the difference between the two? 2018−2000=182018−2000=18.

So you are 1818.

Your age is simply the number of birthdays you've had since you were born, and this is a way of counting them

Which is the Best age calculator online?

Age Calculator is the ultimate chronological age calculator online. Fast, accurate, and user-friendly. Now calculate age from date of birth easily.